Thanks for the ordinary date today, love. 
I got nothin’ to say but I LOVE US! 
And i love you, of course. 

Cun peyuk gigit,
Sugarmu yang sangat bahenol 😘😘

P.s Selamat tanggal 13 sekali lagi sayang. Dan bla bla bla nya. Mwah 💋💐 with Ario – View on Path.
Chicken Sandwiches ala Sugar 😜🍞🍖🍔 
Happy eating. Nomnom 😋 – View on Path.
My pet bunnies: Beng-beng and Pee 🐰🐰
Happy Birthday, Mirol 🙆🙆❤️🎉💝🎁
#ootd #outfitoftheday #businessattire Interview for my first job. Alhamdulillah it went well 😊🎀 (at Johnny Andrean)
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Black sky+ sunglasses and leopard tootebag from @octopus_project perfect combination! Thank youuuuu 👄👄
Hey love! #couple #lovers #date #dating  (at Nicole’s Kitchen & Lounge)